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About the Book

Over the last decade, the market has produced near-zero percent returns. But understanding your options and having a plan can help you survive and even thrive in just about any financial storm. Value Returns can help navigate you to a sunny, calm island of financial security. Authors Randy R. Beeman and James D. Schneider of The Wise Investor Group at RW Baird will help you navigate and chart a course to effective and successful value investing through five clear and comprehensive steps:

1) Understand value investing and its attendant rules

2) Utilize effective value investing strategy

3) Deal with a new way of managing money and market trends

4) Make the most of investment techniques in a secular bear market

5) Prepare for the next secular bull market

The next few years will be full of turbulence and investors need to be ready. As hard as it seems, you CAN be successful in these volatile times, without being rich or even financially savvy. You may not get an immediate return on your money but when the next great secular long-term bull market comes around you might be able to trade in your financial dinghy for a yacht - or at least a bigger sailboat.


Why did we write the book?


"Secular bear markets present special investment challenges: sharp corrections, long-term lulls, and plenty of uncertainty. Value Returns, Wise Investing for the next Decade and Beyond, by Randy Beeman and James Schneider can help you make the most of a tough market by adopting a proven value investing approach. I encourage you to read this book and follow its advice".

David Tice, CFA Founder, Federated Prudent Bear Fund




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